Clinical (Private) Pilates

Get out of Pain and get your life back


Where you’re at right now

You are fed up with persistent back, joint or muscular pain that is affecting your life on a daily basis and making you feel miserable.

You want to be more active but have lost confidence in your body and don’t know what to do for the best for fear of making things worse.

You are recovering from an injury or surgery, have a back, neck, shoulder issue and you’re not sure if going into a class is the right thing for you at the moment.

You are taking medication to help manage your pain but you don’t want to rely on painkillers to get you through your day.

You have been working with a health professional who has recommended doing Pilates to help manage your condition.

Your consultant has suggesting that you may need to have surgery in the future and you’d rather avoid that option for as long as possible.

You have already undergone spine surgery and you have not experienced the relief you wanted or you want to.

Your condition is stopping you from getting a good nights sleeping, making you feel stressed and low in mood?

You feel your posture is impacting on your level of discomfort.

What you want help with

You want to get at the root cause of your issue and find the best solution to support your body.

You want someone to work closely with you who understands your needs, will work with you at your own pace, encourage you and give you the confidence that you are safe, what you are doing is ok and won’t cause you any harm.

You want a specialised plan that will help you specifically with your needs to get you the fastest results.

You want a sustainable method to managing your condition, with exercises you can do at home to maintain your development.

You want to take control of your situation and feel confident in your body again. Get back to doing the activities you want.


4 Reasons why you should book your 45 minute ‘Get out of Pain and get your life back’ consultation:

  • Assessment of your whole body to explore all the factors that may be contributing to your experience.
  • Take away at least 2 exercises that can help you to keep moving and reduce pain.
  • Know that you are not alone, someone understands and can give you the support you deserve. That there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Gain the confidence to move well and learn to trust your body again.

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