Reformer Pilates

Get Stronger and More Flexible

Where you are at

You enjoy Pilates and are looking for a new challenge and variety in your practice.

You’ve always been active and want to continue that way but finding the impact is no longer suiting your joints.

You want a strong workout but have injuries that are worsened by high impact activities.

You have been getting more niggles and injuries interrupting your ability to participate continuously in your sport.

What you need help with right now

You want to improve your flexibility and strength without adding muscle bulk.

You want a challenging whole body workout that that’s kind to your joints.

You want to stay free from aches and pains whilst strengthening and toning muscles.

You want greater feedback to gain deeper understanding about how your body is moving/working?

You want a good allover work out that will enhance your posture and guard against future joint and bone conditions.

You are looking for a method that aids your longevity in your sports, improves you performance, promotes recovery and reduces injury.

You want to train in a small group to get specific focused correction to get the maximum out of your session.


4 Reasons why you should book your ‘Get Stronger and More Flexible’ consultation:

  • Experience¬† total body workout that improves posture and works the core like nothing else!
  • Receive the benefits of strength and flexibility at the same time.
  • Learn how your body is moving to prevent future injury.
  • Receive focused attention and personal adjustment training a small group.

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