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Matwork Pilates

  • Do you want to feel less stiff and more flexible?
  • Are you struggling with aches, pains and tension?
  • Do you want to strengthen your ‘core’ and improve your posture?

We recommend our Matwork sessions if you are:

  • New to Pilates.
  • You feel a little nervous about trying a session and don’t feel like you’re very bendy.
  • Currently experiencing or recently recovered from an episode of Back Pain e.g. sciatica, herniation or prolase disc, etc.
  • Have been recommended to attend Pilates by a Health Professional.

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Reformer Pilates

  • Enjoy your matwork Pilates but looking for a new challenge and greater variety?
  • Want to improve your strength and flexibility in a total body workout that improves posture and work the core like nothing else!

Pilates Reformer sessions would perfect for you if:

  • You want a good allover work out that will enhance your posture and guard against future joint and bone conditions.
  • You want greater feedback to gain deeper understanding about how your body is moving/working?
  • You are looking for a method that aids your longevity in your sports, improves you performance, promotes recovery and reduces injury.
  • Would you like small group training to help you move, feel and look better.

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Clinical/Private Pilates

  • Fed up living with pain that prevents you from doing basic daily tasks?
  • Lost confidence in your body and are afraid to move in case it makes things worse?
  • Feeling more and more restricted in your movement?

Clinical Pilates sessions are for you if:

  • You are recovering from an injury or surgery, have a back, neck, shoulder issue and you’re not sure if going into a class is the right thing for you at the moment.
  • You have been working with or recommended Pilates by your Health Practitioner.
  • You want a specialised plan that will help you specifically with your needs to get you the fastest results.

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What Our Clients Say

I had been struggling with back problems and recovering from abdominal surgery, so had a very weak core.

I was worried about how well my body would cope with exercising again after a layoff of over a year.

My back has improved hugely and I hardly ever have pain now.

Anne Foster

I felt I needed to strengthen my back after surgery. I had reservations about whether I would stick with it and would I be able to do it but the classes were small, friendly, informative. I felt that instructor knew her stuff and appreciated any problems you had and took them into account.

I feel that I have found an exercise I can do! My back feels stronger and I enjoy the relaxation. I feel that my health is better and I can do something!

Denise Burke