Do More 4 Your Core

Restore from the inside out

Do you experience any of the following symptoms…

  • Back pain
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Diastasis recti (tummy gap)
  • Pelvic pain or instability
  • Postpartum injuries

All these symptoms are indications that your ‘core’ system is not working effectively and supporting you as well as it could.

Our ‘Do More 4 Your Core’ programme is designed to help you to restore strength and support from the inside out by retraining the body to work the way it was designed to, giving you back control of your body and confidence to get back to activities you love.

Incorporating a blend of Hypopressives, release techniques and Core strengthening exercises this foundation programme will start to help you redress the ABC’s (Alignment, Breathing and Core Engagement) of your body to help you redevelop the ‘Core’ function to help you reduce your symptoms and support you in your activities.

What’s involved:

During the 6 sessions you will work on addressing more facilitative breathing patterns, improving posture and core support.  You’ll receive a breathing assessment with feedback to help you personally and a short weekly practice at home video that helps you to keep working on and developing the elements.

The ‘Do More 4 Your Core’ programme is offered on an individual and group basis.

If you are ready to feel more in control of your body again and regain confidence email me to ask questions or find out how to book.

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