Small Group Classes 

Matwork Pilates

During a Matwork Pilates class the focus is on developing  balance, flexibility, ‘core’ strength and posture.

Movements are performed to progressively challenge the body in a range of postures.  We will often start a class in a standing position to warm up the body before transitioning to the floor where you will work through a sequence of movements in sitting, kneeling, All 4’s or lying on the front, back or side.

A range of small equipment e.g. small balls, circles and bands is often incorporated into classes to support or advance you in the exercises so you feel a positive change.

Our classes are grouped by experience and need.  Our teachers continuously move about the room, observing how you are moving and offering verbal or ‘hands on’ cues to help you get the best out of your exercises. This ensures you are offered individual advice and feel supported throughout your session.

Our teachers are trained in a Physiotherapy derived variation on of Pilates.  Their understanding of clinical conditions and how to adapt exercises ensures you gain the benefit from the exercise in a manner that is the most supportive to your body.

A maximum of 8 participants are in each Matwork class.  We still operate protocols to offer a ‘Covid Secure’ environment.

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