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Feeling Stiff, Sore and Inflexible?


Where you are at:

You’re experiencing muscle aches and stiffness that just don’t seem to go away and you don’t want them getting any worse.

You are generally fit and healthy but have the start of an ongoing bone or joint condition, such as arthritis or osteoporosis/osteopenia and you want to prevent the condition from getting worse.

You’re feeling like you’re losing your flexibility and becoming more restricted in your movement.

You spend your day sitting at a desk or in the car and you feel like this is contributing to your aches and pains.

You feel there is a connection between your back ache, poor posture and a weak ‘core’.

You want to stay supple and strong to keep doing the activities you love.

You’ve started to feel older than your years.

You want to feel stronger and better supported within your body.

What you want help with:

You want to make a change and do something but don’t know what to do for the best.

You want to be told the right exercises to improve your flexibility, strengthen your ‘core’ and reduce your aches and pains and that you are doing them correctly for maximum benefit.

You want to know that your teacher understands your needs and injuries, knows which exercises you should or shouldn’t do for your condition or injury and knows what to do to help you so, you get the benefit from the exercise without causing more discomfort.

You want a friendly, non-judgemental environment where you feel supported, able to ask questions and not lost in a sea of faces that all seem to know what they are doing.

You want a regular routine that will help you regain flexibility without affecting your joints.

How we can help you

Our size limited classes grouped by experience and ability ensure that our teachers can be giving you the support you need at all times.

Our teachers are trained to understand clinical conditions and how to adapt exercises to ensure you gain the benefit from the exercise in a manner that is the most supportive to your body.

Our teachers will be continuously moving around the room, observing how you are doing the exercises offering verbal and ‘hands on’ adjustment to help you get the best out of your exercises. This will also offer opportunities to ask questions if you don’t feel sure of what you’re doing or if something doesn’t feel right and you are always welcome to stop and watch to help you understand better.


4 Reasons why you should book your ‘Move Better, Feel Better’ Taster session:

  • You will learn exercises that you can do daily to release back and joint aches and pains.
  • You will learn how to find and strengthen your ‘Core’ muscles.
  • You will learn the benefits of improving your posture for reducing joint stiffness and alleviating aches and pains.
  • Feel more relaxed and energised.

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