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Find out how others have experienced and benefited from attending sessions with Ormskirk Pilates

I have always been very inflexible but muscle tightness and lack of flexibility was becoming a problem. I have both degeneration of discs in the neck and fusion of further discs. I was hoping that pilates would both improve movement in my neck and show me how to improve my posture. Initially I was concerned the classes may be too difficult. I had been to a previously class where I ended up with a very sore back.

The classes have been very good and I have found Jay’s approach both technically very good and at the same time she is quite inspiring. My neck position is much improved since working with Jay. The improvements have been slow and I am still not very flexible but I am definitely much better.

I have already recommended friends to come to Jay and give it a go. I am very pleased how much 2 friends have got out of the classes already. I would recommend everybody I know to attend Jay’s pilates classes. She makes the moves achievable by going through all the preparations. I have enjoyed the classes and always feel good after them without the feeling that some classes would give you of having overdone it.

Dawn Corlett

I’d experienced a total rupture of long head of bicep. Despite extensive physio which had restored almost full range of movement and enabled me to avoid surgery I continued to experience spasms and continuing with the physio was not making any marked improvement. I decided to try a session because at worst nothing would change. At best I would enjoy the classes, stop the spasm and improve overall health and well being. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The sessions were nothing like anything I had tried before. Gentle stretching, finding the core and breathing properly all at once takes some getting used to. Somewhat like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time. No pressure to keep up with others in the class as because of the composition of the class everyone is doing it for the benefit of a different part of the body but with the main aim of feeling better. No more muscle spasms and being able to return to tennis!

Chris Aitken

I suffered from a permanently stiff neck, shoulders and upper arms. Head never seemed to be aligned in the correct position and I was told that because my head was in the wrong position that I would develop a dowagers hump!!! Because we have a small class numbers, I feel like I am having a one to one session..

For me, it feels like I am having physiotherapy, exercise and posture controlling and that Jay is constantly monitoring me to ensure that I am doing the exercise correctly. I have never had an exercise class feel like that before. Jay is very knowledgeable and adapts to your particular health requirements. My posture has improved and I am aware of the importance of trying to isolate the different muscles to benefit my body.

Dawn Horn

I came to the Pilates classes to strengthen my core and back. It’s also an opportunity for me to get a bit of Me time. I find the classes small enabling us to have 1:1 support. It has helped me understand why I have discomfort and being given advice on how to deal with it.

Receiving the videos of exercises to do at home has been really useful. I love trying the exercises at home. I’m listening to my body more. I really want to continue to progress further.

Karen Kyriacou

I had been wanting a form of exercise which did not involve fast aerobic movement as I no longer have the stamina or flexibility. I was wary that I lack upper body strength & would I find the exercises too difficult but the class is set to your own ability so I did not feel over challenged.

The general ambience is very friendly & relaxed with extra care given to each individual to explain the correct posture to help build your confidence. I feel I have a better understanding of how each exercise is helping to stretch & strengthen all areas of the body. How to improve my posture has been clearly demonstrated so now I must put that into practise.

I feel Pilates is the best form of exercise for myself as I am improving my flexibility with no strain to muscles or joints. The class also provides “me time” . When you are concentrating on each set of moves your mind also relaxes.

Irene Taylor

I’ve had lower back niggles since I had my daughter 5 years ago. I got a flyer through the door, it looked very professional so, I thought I’d give it a go. I found the classes progressed gradually. Lots of opportunity for 1 to 1 feedback within the class as the numbers are low and lots of fun too. A bit of laughter on an evening in a relaxed environment, best learning environment.

I feel I have improved muscle tone and posture. Individual exercises given to me for specific back issues. Really pleased with my results and very keen to continue.

Sarah Holden

I wanted to help build up my Core Muscles to relieve long term back pain. I spoke to my Chiropractor and he said it would be a good idea. I was concerned that some exercises might aggravate my back or neck problem but Jay tailored my exercises to ensure that I protect my back.

I am much more aware of using my core muscles on a daily basis. My posture has improved. I have been able to perform some exercises which I didn’t think I was capable of, which has given me more confidence. I am feeling fitter.

Helen Nelson

I had been struggling with back problems and recovering from abdominal surgery, so had a very weak core.

I was worried about how well my body would cope with exercising again after a layoff of over a year.

My back has improved hugely and I hardly ever have pain now.

Anne Foster

I was advised by orthopaedics to attend a Pilates class.

Since starting I have less aching in a problematic left leg and my balance is improving. I am much more comfortable in general as I’m in less pain.

Janet Glover

I tried Pilates as I fancied having a go after enjoying yoga in the past. The classes are friendly and great fun. I feel fitter and now can connect to my core muscles better than before.

Heather Clayton

I felt I needed to strengthen my back after surgery. I had reservations about whether I would stick with it and would I be able to do it but the classes were small, friendly, informative. I felt that instructor knew her stuff and appreciated any problems you had and took them into account.

I feel that I have found an exercise I can do! My back feels stronger and I enjoy the relaxation. I feel that my health is better and I can do something!

Denise Burke

I was recommended to try Pilates by a friend. The classes are hard work both physically and mentally but with a very good feeling afterwards. The classes are small so each person gets close, personal attention which means the exercises are performed correctly and to maximum benefit.

I visit the gym every week but I feel physically better after a Pilates class. The combination of Pilates and gym mean that I can still, as a “Senior Citizen” enjoy physical well being on a day to day basis.

Eileen Don

I had been thinking about investigating Pilates and then received a leaflet through the door! I thought I’d be much older than anyone else there but there were many there of every age.

I find all the activities are explained well and there is plenty of help to get it right. I find it enjoyable. I like having structured exercise and I want to continue with it.

Sylvia Cottle

I had a nasty fall causing back pain and pain when walking and I developed sciatica – my sister recommended doing Pilates.

I was a bit afraid that I may cause further pain to my back if I did something wrong but Jay said if an exercise was painful at all, not to do it. Movements were so small and slow that I realised I was not likely to damage anything further. The classes were small so, a lot of personal help from Jay. I have learnt a lot about the importance of good posture and strengthening the core. Learning how to bend and lift things without worrying I may hurt my back again. I started classes 5 months ago.

My back pain is now minimal and life is almost normal again. I can walk, garden and cycle again. I am still aware of a very mild discomfort, it makes me careful about how I bend and carry myself. The homecare exercises are brilliant, so that if I miss a week, I can still do some exercises.

Pauline Bolton

Following a walking holiday in the Alps, I had realised that I was experiencing more hip and knee pain/stiffness than previously.

A flyer for the Pilates classes dropped through my letterbox and trying it out seemed like a good idea. It is a different kind of exercise for me – I normally walk or cycle rather than doing anything in a ‘class’ – but I enjoy it and do feel less stiff.

Sometimes I feel taller – but this could just be my imagination! I sometimes think during the classes ”you’ll regret this tomorrow!” – but, increasingly, I don’t.

It’s a nice relaxed atmosphere and a gentle pace and I’ve met some really nice people. I realise that the group is progressing I have not felt under excessive strain – yet!

Carolyn Landers

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